What I’ve learnt this year

1.  You eventually get used to loneliness so don’t give into it. It’s so easy to turn back to your past when you’re lonely and find it hard to remember why things ended the way they did. But you mustn’t believe these things you tell yourself when you’re alone; your not you; you’re running on memories. The feeling won’t last forever.

2. No matter what mistake you’ve made in the past, no matter if you hurt someone, no matter if you felt things just weren’t right, if you realize your mistake and try to fix it then under no circumstance should you let anyone make you feel any less than you are. Things die out, and you must realize that if trying to get them back means you feeling undeserving, then maybe you were right to think they were never really worth it in the first place.

3. To see your dreams dying by others rising, to me, is one of the biggest heartaches you could possibly experience. But make use of this; use that fire that’s burning in your heart to do things you never thought you could, and to be the person you only dreamed of, rather than just letting the fire burn you and leave you vacant.

4. You have no reason to surround yourself with people that don’t believe in the beauty that you believe in. Stop masking yourself with masses of ‘friends’ who you were never really fond of and probably never will be; in the end, they only destroy everything you ever stood for. It’s okay to have just a few special people that mean the world; they make up for all those empty spaces.

5. If your body could talk, what would it say? Would it thank you for calling it ugly or would it cry because of all the things it does for you and allows you do to, yet you continue to be nasty to it. Healthiness and fitness is important, but the image of a perfect body should not run your life. Just relax. Honestly, it’s never as bad as what you see through your own eyes.

6. You’re getting older, and you’ll begin to realize the changes in the world around you. The changes in prices, the changes in the weather, the change in your parents faces. This will scare you. You can’t stop time, the best you can do is live. You can live worrying or live freely, the outcome will still be the same.

7. Sometimes people will lie. Sometimes people do not care about you as much as you care about them. Sometimes people won’t put you first. SO just calm down, and let go. Getting angrier never solves anything, but accepting does. Accept the fact that people and circumstances change and you will find a friend who won’t walk out on you.

8. Your dreams may change. If everything you ever believed in starts to seem irrelevant, don’t think that there is something wrong with you. It’s part of growing. Shifting dreams doesn’t make you any less you it means you’ve discovered new passions, which will lead your life in the direction you want. Just don’t burn your bridges.

9. People you love can be taken away so quickly. The real goodbyes, the ones that last forever… they sneak up on you, and you never know what to expect – you never think that maybe this time will become the last time. We all assume we will have more time and when it is snatched away from us, we feel life is unfair. If only we had assumed less and spent more time on what we knew wouldn’t last forever.

10. Not everyone will understand.

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